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"Vehicle-Powered Carpet Cleaning Systems"

Our vehicle-powered, truck mounted carpet extraction systems use the van’s engine for power. Via a clutch drive system, power is transferred from the vehicle’s power train to the truck mount. Essentially, the truck mount and the vehicle become a single carpet cleaning unit. The benefits are that this system is strong, extremely powerful, quiet and saves more time and energy when compared to conventional extraction machines. Whether for spot cleaning or total carpet restoration, Martins Maintenance Extraction in Action Unit can get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to find out how this extraordinary system can save your budget while making your carpets and upholstery like new!

Other Programs

Extraction In Action Unit

Tile & Grout Renewal

One of the biggest challenges with tile flooring is keeping grout clean. Porous grout lines trap dirt over time, causing your tile to look dull and sullied in appearance. Find out how MM can restore your tile floor to look like new!


Concrete Polishing

The concrete floor is cut with a variety of diamond abrasive grits, usually, 3-8 depending on the gloss level desired. This polishing can be done wet or dry depending on the site situation.


Infection Prevention

Find out how the use of one simple piece of technology can transform your facility's bathrooms from average to spotless; preventing infectious disease while saving time and money! (READ MORE)

Extraction In Action