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"Nationwide Janitorial Excellence"

Restroom cleaning services from Martins Maintenance can help you ensure that your restrooms are immaculate, your customers are happy and your employees can maintain focus on their tasks at hand. The result is a sanitized restroom that looks, smells, and is physically clean while helping improve your bottom line!


Step 1

A Martins Maintenance Service Rep visits your facility periodically to deep clean your restrooms.

Step 2

Every urinal, commode, sink and even the floor will be treated with a chemical spraying process that removes bacteria and soil build-up.

Step 3

After a fresh water rinse, the water is then vacuumed away, removing with it bacteria and soil.


All fixtures are blown dry ensuring that the restroom is ready for immediate use.

"Self Contained, No-Touch Restroom Cleaning Systems"

One of our key values at Martins Maintenance is to incorporate advances in technology into the framework of how we conduct our services. These innovations not only help deliver an outstanding service, but are often more efficient; allowing savings in maintenance times to be passed down to our customers. Martins Maintenance's Infection Prevention Unit uses state-of-the-art, self contained bathroom cleaning machines equipped with an arsenal of features to tackle the toughest bathrooms.

Other Programs

Infection Prevention Program

Tile & Grout Renewal

 One of the biggest challenges with tile flooring is keeping grout clean. Porous grout lines trap dirt over time, causing your tile to look dull and sullied in appearance. Find out how MM can restore your tile floor to look like new!


Concrete Polishing

The concrete floor is cut with a variety of diamond abrasive grits, usually, 3-8 depending on the gloss level desired. This polishing can be done wet or dry depending on the site situation.

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Extraction In Action

In the constant battle for clean carpets, there is one element that matters most; power. Our truck-mounted extraction unit has the power necessary to combat the toughest carpet and upholstery stains. (Read More)

Infection Prevention Program