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"High Pressure, High Heat Tile & Grout Cleaning"

Did you know that a facilities bathrooms are the source of more than 80% of complaints? And trying to solve this problem by replacing the tile and grout can be cost prohibitive. Martins Maintenance Tile Restoration process can help you put an end to unsightly, dirty and odorous commercial bathroom facilities for good. Commercial buildings can have thousands of square feet of tile floor that would be very expensive and time consuming to replace. With Martins Maintenance, your tile and grout surfaces can be cleaned and protected overnight. Our process saves you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. Foot traffic in a commercial building can quickly lead to dirty tile floors and grout that is hard to maintain and keep looking new for long. Our high pressure/high heat grout renewal process eliminates contaminants that manage to seep into the porous grout and tile surfaces to keeps your floor looking new for years. Our protective coatings improve the coefficient of friction on both dry and wet surfaces, creating a safer floor for your patrons and workers. The process also creates a tough barrier that can’t be penetrated by microorganisms and contaminants that produce mold, mildew and other unsanitary conditions. Martins Maintenance can transform your old floor to its original color, depth and clarity.

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Tile & Grout Renewal

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Tile & Grout Renewal